Vital statistics
Position Alien Race
First Appearance Childhood's End
Status Alive

The Anunnuki are a race of ancient and highly advanced aliens from a bizarre dimension that runs on gold. They were responsible for the creation of the human race billions of years in the past having bio-engineered them to be slaves.


When the Anunnuki's home world was dying billions of years in the past, they engineered the human race to mine to surface of the Earth to gather them gold, when their home world was saved they left Earth and returned to their own home world.

Jump forward a few billion years into the future, Psi-Judge Anderson and a small expedition party of scientists and Judges find a doorway into the Face of Mars. Once inside they find it full of technological wonders, but the further in they go the more of them die until just Anderson and Judge Vasser are left. Vasser turns out to be the Sov-Block assassin Orlok in disguise who injures Anderson and rushes to the inner sanctum before opening a doorway between Mars and the Anunnuki home-world.  

A group of four Anunnuki step out and hoist both Anderson and Orlok into the air and begin to talk to them telepathically. After blasting the two with thoughts full of their memories of the past and what their lives could have been they decide that humanity was a failed experiment that must be culled and start off so by wiping out the Eden Mars colony in a massive bolt of electricity. 

As the Anunnuki begin to set their plan in motion, Anderson tries to convince a small cyborg monkey named Darwin to set of a gas bomb, which would hopefully render the Anunnuki unconscious,it fails however and Darwin is electrocuted by the Anunnuki. 

Unknown to them a heavy set proto-human had been awoken by Anderson not long before and had made friends with Darwin, the proto-human enraged that they had killed his friend grabs some machinery and begins to attack the Anunnuki, smashing machinery and alien alike, it accidentally sets off a self destruct system and the place begins to ignite in flames causing the link between Mars and the Anunnuki home world to b destroyed and allowing for Anderson and Orlok to escape.

At some point in time the Anunnuki came into contact with Satan, however the sucsesfully trapped him by scrambleing his mind with specialised technology and entombed him in the astroid Icarus where he remained trapped until it impacted on Earth in 2116.