Brother Gomorrah
Vital statistics
Position Second in command to Brother Gomorrah
First Appearance The Cursed Earth
Status Unknown
Brother Gomorrah was a Cursed Earth mutant and a member of the Mutie Brotherhood, serveing as Brother Morgar's second in command.


Completely loyal to Morgar, Gomorrah was a very open faced kind of person.


Brother Gomorrah was stationed atop Mount Rushmore when he noticed Judge Dredd and co. riding below in the Killdozer. Immediately he returns to an abandoned town where the Mutie Brotherhood had made camp and informed Brother Morgar about the outsiders he saw. He then follows Morgar and the other Mutants to the edge of Mount Rushmoore and try and fail to kill the Judges.

Later he rides alongside is a school-bus chariot with Morgar when tailing the Judges before a shootout between the Muties and the Judges. Its unknown if Gomorahh escaped, died during the shoot out or was killed by Novar's psychic attack as he isn't seen again.


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