Brother Obee
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Mutie Brotherhood
First Appearance The Cursed Earth
Status Unknown
Brother Obee was a member of the Mutie Brotherhood, serving mainly as a bodyguard for Morgar alongside Brother Jobee.


Brother Obee was a rather thick mutant soldier that followed every command of his leader Brother Morgar whom he worshipped as a god like figure alongside his buddy Jobee.


Brother Obee was first seen with Brother Jobee taste testing a can of baked beans to ensure it wasn't poisoned for their holy leader Morgar. Shortly after Brother Gomorrah comes bursting through informing Morgar about outsiders (Judge Dredd and co.) stationed at Mount Rushmoore. Obee and Jobee follow Morgar and the other Mutie's when they try and fail to catch the Judges. When Dredd threatens to blow Morgar's face off of Mount Rushmoore, Morgar lays on the ground and Obee and Jobee cover him to ensure his safety. Later on during the final shootout between the Judges and the Brotherhood, Jobee and Obee are both present. When the psychic Novar uses his mind powers to toss a knife at Morgar, Obee and Jobee both jump in the way trying to block it, only for the knife to fly around them and kill Morgar. Its unknown if Obee made it out of the fight alive afterwards.

On the last leg of his trek, Judge Dredd saw Obee in a hallucination alongside several other foes he encountered along the way.


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