Brother Sodom
Vital statistics
Position Driver
First Appearance The Cursed Earth
Status Unknown
Brother Sodom lived in the Cursed Earth and was a member of the Mutie Brotherhood and the driver of Brother Morgar.


Sodom never said anything, or really did anything either. He did smile at one point though.


Brother Sodom was a member of the Mutie Brotherhood and served Brother Morgar as the driver of his bus chariot. He drove Morgar and Brother Gomorrah when tailing Dredd and Morgar threatened to throw Sodom into the furnace if he didn't go faster. Its unknown if he lived past the shoot out against Judge Dredd group and Novar.

At the end of Dredd's journey, Brother Sodom hallucinates the image of Sodom amongst other foes he encountered along the way.


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