Vital statistics
Type Space Colony
Location Mars

Eden was a space colony located on the surface of Mars. It was only seen in the Judge Anderson story Childhood's End.


Eden was established some time in the 2100's located nearby to the Face of Mars. It had a small number of citizens summing up to only a few thousand, their Judges carried only electircal weaponry, as using standard arms could seriously damage to city walls and cause disaster. It was visited by Judge Anderson in 2112 who accompanied a small group of scientists and several Judges on an expadition into the Face of Mars. All the members are killed one by one by various traps and killer robots. Eventually Anderson and Judge Vasser (Who is revealed to be the Sov-Block agent Orlok) are left and discover the Anunnuki, an ancient alien race which had created the human race billions of years beforehand. The Anunnuki seeing humanity as a failed experiment decide to wipe it out, starting with Eden which is destroyed by a gigantic electrical blast.