Judge Fauster
Vital statistics
Position Head of Magic
First Appearance The Extispicist
Status Incarcerated

Judge Elan Fauster was the head of magic a sub sector of Psi-Division. He made a pact with demons in hope to find the secret to immortality.


Fauster was pretentious he had little to no remorse for anyone other than himself, perfectly happy to torture his own Judges for his personal gain.


Fauster made contact with demons when trying to discover the secret of immortality, promising to grant him the secrets if he released the Half-Life Virus into the city. To do this he organised a rescue mission, attempting to awaken Judge Anderson from a coma sending in his own Judge Gistane as an unknowing patsy.

Anderson is rescued but at a cost with half the rescue team injured or deceased. Gistane is infected and Fauster hypnotises him, making him his unwilling slave as he experiments with the virus. Fauster eventually releases the virus using nanobots which rapidly spreads and infects the citizens on a mass scale. Anderson finding something suspiscious about Fauster's character decides to probe his mind while he was meditating. While doing so she is attacked by both the demoness Lillith in Fauster's mind while the zombified Gistane attacks Anderson with a knife. The two are defeated and

Anderson destroys the nanobot swarm limitedly curing all who were affected by the illness but not before the virus claims over one million lives. Fauster gains immortality and is arrested, he is incarcerated but is tortured in his mind by demons as punishment for his crimes. Spending his immortality in constant terror.