Harry Carman
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Vital statistics
Position Tech Criminal
First Appearance Vienna
Status Unknown

Harry Carmen was a criminal who planned to kill Judge Dredd's niece Vienna as revenge for being incarcerated by Dredd years before.


Carmen was very intelligent and a genius with electronics with a macabre fascination of death, and had deep rooted hatred for Dredd.


Carmen kidnapped Dredd's niece Vienna and planned to use her in elaborate scheme to kill both the girl and Dredd. He strapped Vienna down to a slab and set up a pendulum. Then early one morning he calls Dredd out to a fight. Dredd arrived but was caught in an ankle trap. Carmen then releases the pendulum, intending for Dredd to watch as his niece was cut into. Dredd stuns Carmen and saves Vienna only moments before the pendulum hits the slab. Carmen is then sentenced to a life's imprisonment.