Henry Dubble
Diggle (2)
Vital statistics
Position Curator of the Black Museum
First Appearance The Black Museum
Status Hard to say.

Henry Dubble is the cadaverous curator of the Black Museum and the host of the series of the similarly named series


Dubble is insane and childish, taking sick delight in telling the tragic back stories of the Museums exhibits. He has a vast knowledge of the histories of the exhibits, although he openly stated that he made a fair amount of it up. He often breaks the fourth wall addressing the readers as his visitors.


Dubble was involved in selling artefacts to rich eccentrics with a taste for the macabre. However after making a decent amount of money he is mutilated by his buyer out of bordem. Its three weeks before he is discovered by the Judges, by that point he had lost his sanity. 

Since then he has curated the Museum and told its visitors the disturbed tales, as a man or a ghost is debatable.