Jon Baptiste
Jon baptiste
Vital statistics
Position Preacher
First Appearance Faith
Status Deceased

Jon Baptiste was a Christian preacher who had gained a large following thanks to his teachings of peace of goodwill. Obviously this meant trouble for the Judges.


Baptiste was a kind hearted and passive man, who wanted only the best for his fellow man and believed whole-heartedly in the Christian faith.


Baptiste had gained a massive following thanks to his teachings from the Bible. He made regular holographic speeches to large crowds in some of the more worse off area's in Mega-City One.

Worrying that Baptiste was amassing a cult a small Judge force led by Judge Anderson and Judge Goon. Batiste is tracked down and arrested with little bloodshed, mainly thanks to his surrender. In interrogation Anderson scans his mind and is deeply affected when she see's the images of Christianity flash through his mind. 

Soon after Baptitste is shown on the news announcing that all he had preached was a lie and was only in it for the money. Shortly after the recording he committed suicide in his cell. Anderson had her doubts however thinking that the report was faked and they then had him killed.