Judge Fire
Vital statistics
Position Dark Judge
First Appearance Jude Death Lives
Status Undead

Judge Fire is one of the four original Dark Judges. The flame engulfed skeleton origonally hailed from Deadworld and cast down death and destruction upon the citizens of Mega-City One several times.


Even amongst his brothers, Fire has been said to be the most cruel and humorless, and even before becoming a Dark Judge he sealed off an entire school full of children and burnt it to the ground for breaking noise regulations. Like the other Dark Judges he belives that life was a crime and the only aceptable punishment was death.




  • Greg Staples has stated Fire to be the most difficult Dark Judge to paint during Dark Justice, "I hope to never have to draw Judge Fire again in my life. Having to paint fire. Moving Fire. Constantly. And setting things on fire? It'll be like my Speilberg "Jaws" moment. I'll just wake in the middle of the night in stone cold sweat.
  • Ironically Judge Fire was designed as a burning skeleton to make at least one of the Dark Judges easy to draw.
  • Fire is one of two of the original Dark Judges to have been named before their transformation, the only other being Death.