Psi-Judge Karyn
Vital statistics
Position Psi Judge
First Appearance Raptaur
Status Possessed by the Shadow King

Psi-Judge Karyn was a skilled member of the Psi-Division and accompanied Dredd several times and appeared in her own strip in the Megazine.


Karyn was hot headed and confident. She had worked alongside several famous Judges includeing Dredd, Hershey and Anderson, the latter of which she was good freinds with but wanted to be better than hoping to be "The departments next Anderson".




  • Karyn was one of two characters bourght into the series as a replacement for Anderson who was traveling through space at the time the other being Judge Janus who was far less popular with the readers.
  • In the story Fetish Karyn was a stand in for Anderson who was still in space at the time, however the story was repetedly set back so that by the time of release Anderson had already returned to earth.
  • John Freeman designed Karyn after his then girlfreind.