The Killdozer was a heavily armed mobile base used by Judge Dredd during his trek across the Cursed Earth to deliver a vaccine to Mega-City Two. It has numerous cannon's, flame throws and machine guns, there are sleeping quarters and the front car can detach off into the K-2000 Landraider. 


Judge Dredd was given the Killdozer to assist him in his travel across the Cursed Earth, as well as a small group of Judges and several War Droids. The Killdozer served the group for most of the trek until they finally reached Death Valley. During which they were attacked by the robotic Legion of the Dammed, out of fear Judge Jack detached the Killdozer from the Landraider and tried to surrender, only for the Killdozer and Jack to be tragically blown to pieces. Shortly after Dredd had the last surviving War Droid pilot the Landraider into the Legions leader General Blood'n'Guts before exploding, allowing for Dredd to make his escape.


  • A toy of the Killdozer was released by Mattel during the release of The Cursed Earth.


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