Vital statistics
Position Pet of Jack Point
First Appearance Petty Crimes
Status Alive

Larf is the second (Highly Illegal) pet Raptaur of Wally Squad Judge Jack Point. While uncertain, Point suspects his second pet to be a girl.


Just like her father Cliq, and all Raptaurs by extension, Larf is a bloodthirsty creature that loves the taste of flesh. She is completely loyal to her master Point.


Larf was spawned after her father was shattered to pieces by sonic weaponry. Point took her and raised her the same way he looked after Cliq, although she proved to be a minor nuisance when growing. 

When Judge Folger had been hypnotised by Black-Ops head Judge Bachman, she attacked Point thinking him a spy, Larf came to his aid and fatally wounded Folger, shortly before Point realised she was a fellow Judge. Later on when arrested by a Black-Ops Judge, Larf again came to his aid, however the the Black-Ops Judge used sonic weaponry to scare him away. Point however thought his pet dead all fell into guilt. Larf is later revealed to have survived the attack and joins Galen DeMarco and Anne Thorpe in the final assault against Bachman's Judges.