Vital statistics
Position Maid Robot
First Appearance Mega Miami
Status Unknown

Lola was a French accented maid robot who was part of a robot smuggling ring. She used her charms to try an manipulate Walter into murdering Judge Dredd.


Lola was rather much a femme-fatale, using her feminine charms to try and deceive and manipulate weak willed robots to do her bidding.


Lola was a member of an illegal robot smuggling ring. She would help her mistress in importing rustbacks (second hand robots) to the city via Miami beach. When Judge Dredd began patrolling the shores, Lola did her mistresses bidding and seduced Dredd's servant Walter before telling him to feed Dredd a sleeping drug, which was in fact poison. Walter returned apparently having done so and the rest of the gang appeared. As the rustbacks approached the shore, the gang tried to execute Walter, only for Judge Dredd to show up and shoot two of them down. Refusing to go easy, Lola's mistress attempted to detonate a mini-nuke attached to the robot, Walter blocked her way however and both robot and master were arrested.