Mega-City Alien Zoo
Vital statistics
Type Zoo
Location Mega-City One

The Mega-City Alien Zoo was a popular location amongst the citizens of Mega-City One housing over a thousands alien beasts from around the universe. Amongst some of its star attractions were the Wurlitz Wooflebeast and the Mercurian Dragon.


The Alien Zoo was founded in the early 2100's and proved to be a hit with the citizens of Mega-City One allowing them to view some of the galaxies most feared beasts up close.


The Zoo's creatures attack

However in 2103 one dumb young juve named Martin Threebod decided to set the zoo's menagerie free with a laser cutter, the creatures of course go wild and begin to devour the spectators, the Judges quickly step in and put a stop to the creatures rampages and apprehend Threebod.

Many years later the Alien Zoo comes under attack from the Alien Liberation Army. The creatures again rampage and kill many of the citizens. The Judges are again called in and stop the rampaging aliens and kill most of the A.L.A members. In the commotion however several of the Zoo's exhibits escape.

After the events of Chaos Day, the Zoo owner decides to ship the animals off planet having decided that the City had gotten to be far to dangerous.