Natalie Kazan
Natalie kazan
Vital statistics
Position Supreme Judge of the New Kremlin
First Appearance The Trial
Status Deceased

Natalie Kazan was the Supreme Judge of the New Kremlin a East-Meg floating city. She was the grand-daughter of 'Mad Dog' Kazan a war-criminal from the Apocalypse War.


Kazan was a greedy and underhanding woman, and some of the tactics she employed cuased problems amongst some of the more nationalistic of her subjects, especially Orlok.


Kazan put out a 100'000 Cred reward on Judge Dredd to bring him to the New Vatican so he could stand trial for the destruction of East-Meg One. Orlok successfully captured Dredd and bought him to Kazan, with Judge Anderson also in tow. 

After a date is set for Dredd's trial Orlok is informed on how Kazan got the funds, and is disgusted to learn that she had gotten the money from the cyborg mobster Nero Nacros

Shortly before the trial Orlok is begrudgingly convinced to act as defence for Dredd during the trial by Anderson. Once the trial starts it becomes clear that it was incredibly one sided and ends within three hours for the jury to go and decided upon their vote. Kazan calls the council to order including Orlok, not wanting to start a war it becomes apparent that she planned to sentence Dredd not guilty before having him assassinated by a "rouge" Apocalypse War veteran. Orlok enraged at Kazan's cowardly tactics announces her a traitor to her people and shoots her multiple times in the chest.