Rico Dredd
Vital statistics
Position Corrupt Judge
First Appearance The Return of Rico
Status Deceased

Rico Dredd was the brother of the famous Mega-City One lawman Judge Dredd and clone of  Eustace T. Fargo. Unlike his brother and father however, Rico was injured and became corrupt instead.


Rico was a promising Judge as a cadet, but during his Hotdog Run he was badly injured and something in his mind became twisted. He became dissatisfied with the law seeing it as a joke and began to use his Judge status to suit his personal needs. Eventually he wished to die, but was to cowardly to do so and when Joe refused to do so and instead sent him to Titan he grew to hate and despise his brother.


Rico was one of two clones created from the DNA of Fargo. Born at five years old, he and his brother Joe where inducted into the Academy of Law instantly. Joe and Rico grew up very closely together and both proved to be the best students at the Academy, although Rico always scored slightly higher then Joe. The two were eventually made into full Judges in 2079.

While Joe quickly gained a reputation for being Mega-City's toughest, Rico quickly found himself making shady deals and twisting the law to suit his own needs, this included extortion, bribery and having sex with citizens (witch led to the birth of his daughter Vienna). Eventually Rico was caught by Joe having just murdered a citizen and was arrested and sentenced to the prison planet Titan for 20 years. Several years into his sentence however, Rico escapes an makes his way back to MC-1, determined to make his brother pay for having wronged him.

Rico breaks into Dredd's apartment after calling out his brother. He manages to get the drop on him and forces Dredd into a sealed room with no flowing oxygen without his Respirator, (Rico unaffected due to his surgery). He challenges Dredd to a stand off, however despite being weakened, the years of working under Titan's low gravity had caused Rico's reaction time to slow, allowing for Dredd to shoot him. Dredd holds his brother in his arms comforting him before he dies.