Vital statistics
Position Street Judge
First Appearance The Day the Law Died
Status Deceased

Judge Schmaltz was a Judge from Mega-City One. He was rather annoying and over emotional, its a wander how he ever passed the academy, nether the less he died a hero helping defend the City from the insane tyrant Cal.


Schmaltz was incredibly over-emotional often bursting into tears when happy, he also had to always get the last word in a conversation and talked to much. Needless to say he got on his fellow Judges nerves a fair amount.


Judge Schmaltz joined Dredd's revolution against Cal apparently having missed the mind control most other Judges had been subjected to.  Schmaltz helped in killing several of Cal's SJS Judge force and Klegg mercenary's but was ultimately killed when their vehicle is blown from a bridge crashing hundreds of meters down into the Big Smelly sewer tunnels. His body was laid down in the broken vehicle and set alight as it was cast off into the stinking river.

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