The Devil's Lapdogs
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Vital statistics
Position Mutant Rats
First Appearance The Cursed Earth
Status Roaming Deadworld
The Devil's Lapdogs were a swarm of hyper-evolved rats which were mutated by fallout from the Atomic Wars. Gaining power from a lodestone located in the centre of the Death Belt they were capable of manipulating both space and time. A single bite form their teeth could prove to be instantly fatal.


Mutated by the nuclear fallout of the Atomic Wars, the Devil's Lapdogs were a large swarm of highly intelligent rats, with enough toxins enough to kill a man in just a single bite. For several years they had been attacking the Cursed Earth town of Deliverance, forcing them to cover their buildings in spikes and mount cannons. 

Judge Dredd cam across Deliverance during his trek across the Cursed Earth to deliver a vaccine to the plague ridden Mega-City Two. After trouble with the town's leader the Lawgiver, Dredd was able to lure the Devil's Lapdogs away from Deliverance and kill the King Rat, causing the flock to scatter. Afterwards Dredd erected sirens around the town, stating that upon the next attack the rats would be attracted the the sirens wails instead.