Unnamed Tutu Mutant
Vital statistics
Position Mutant criminal
First Appearance The Cursed Earth
Status Unknown
The Unnamed Tutu Mutant was a minor member of the Mutie Brotherhood that encountered Judge Dredd on his trek across the Cursed Earth.


She never spoke in any of her appearances, but was likely loyal to Brother Morgar and the other Brotherhood members.


The Unnamed Tutu Mutant was a member of the Mutie Brotherhood gang out in the Cursed Earth. When Judge Dredd and his group came past Mount Rushmore, Morgar and the rest of the Brotherhood go over to attack them, the Tutu Mutant was seen standing just behind Morgar shortly before Dredd and the others escaped.


  • It seems that creator Brian Bolland was a fan of the character, who went on to draw her on the cover to one of the American reprints of 'The Cursed Earth' and a poster included in several collected editions of the story.


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