Wurlitz Wooflebeast
Wurlitz wooflebeast
Vital statistics
Position Alien species
First Appearance The Alien Zoo
Status Alive

The Wurlitz Wooflebeast was the star attraction of the Mega-City Alien Zoo.


The Wooflebeast was held as an attraction in the Alien Zoo and was fed on a steady diet of Synthi-Meat. In 2103 it was released by a bored young juve named Marvin Threebod due to bordem. The Wooflebeast having a chance to feast on real meat for the first time in years goes on a rampage, devouring citizens by the handful. Judge Dredd gathers the Wooflebeast's attention before chaining the beast to a pole through its nose. The Wooflebeast is later recaptured and put back into its cage.

The Wooflebest survived through a great many of the City's disasters and shortly after Chaos Day, Dredd visits to Alien Zoo where he sees the Wooflebeast being groomed by robots.