Xena Lowther
Vital statistics
Position Human vessel for Phobia and Nausea
First Appearance Dear Annie
Status Deceased

Xena Lowther was a weak powered psi and the first human vessel used by the Sisters of Death during the build up to Necropolis.


Before her encounter with Judge Death Xena was happily married to a man named Chip. However afterwards she became twisted and obsessed with Judge Death believing that he loved her and even fantasized marrying him, her insanity only furthered when the Sisters got involved.


During the third attack on Mega-City One by the Dark Judges, Judge Death attacked and nearly killed Xena, putting her in a coma for several days. When she came out of surgery her mind had warped and she had fallen in love with Judge Death.

Over the next few years her insanity furthered, twisting and distorting her mind, she began to resent and hate Chip, and at one point tried to kill him in his sleep. Around this time she came into contact with the Sisters of Death who heighten her powers and further drive her insanity. Eventually they use her to kill Chip, stabbing a knife through his heart. Moments after this she regains her sanity and is distraught at what she had done. 

She is kept alive for a short while after by the sisters until a stronger Psi named Kit Agee was captured and used in her place, having outlived her usefulness, Xena is then killed.